About the Comic

Roman is "vacant" - born without magic. But when his neighbor gives him a strange stone and tells him it could fix his condition, he thinks his struggles are finally over. Unfortunately, things are rarely that easy.

Burn Away is a nuzlocke comic based off of my gameplay of Pokemon X, completed in 2015. The story takes place in a universe where humans don't exist and, instead, are replaced by a wide variety of pokemon gijinka (or "humanized" versions of pokemon).

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1. if a pokemon faints, it is dead and must be perma -boxed.

2. you may only catch the first pokemon encountered in each area.

a. forced encounters (Route 2 pidgey, Snorlax, etc.) don’t count and cannot be caught.

b. duplicate pokemon must not be caught. in any given area the player has 3 chances to find a non-duplicate to catch.

c. all rules may be ignored if a shiny is encountered.

3. healing items cannot be used during battle. (held items, however, are fine).

4. the exp share must be turned off at all times.

5. legendary pokemon cannot be used.

6. mega evolution cannot be used.

7. whiting out means game over.

8. if your starter faints it’s game over.

Content Warnings


Mild Violence/Blood

Death (including child death)

Allusions to suicide/ suicidal behavior (brief)