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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:04 AM

(i'm gonna put the same artist comments for this and page 10 because they were originally one page uvu)

So I guess to start off I should address that this is a really atypical “gym fight” :') This is of course because our protagonists here aren’t technically part of the League yet. Rest assured, we will be seeing some more standard gym battles in the future!

The actual in-game fight was still Roman and Sasha vs Surskit and Ulrich vs Vivillon. Sasha got sorta wrecked by surskit and Roman had to swap in to save him haha. Meanwhile Ulrich took care of Vivillon fairly easily (I exaggerated the difficulty for excitement’s sake).

Artist notes:

- The Santalune gym has been both exhausting and satisfying to draw. The building itself is pretty old, as the League has been around for a long time, and it’is considered a historical landmark in addition to being a gym.

- The large statues in the back of Hedy’s room are of the very first Santalune Gym Team, who are historical figures essentially. The prideful, grandiose style of the gym is how the people of South Province have compensated for only having 1 gym (while the other provinces have 2 each).

- The emblem on the doors at the beginning of the update is the crest of South Province. I’ll go into more detail another time, but the crest is a tree with 8 leaves with roots coiled around a volcanion ring.

- Gyms have multiple functions in this universe, as you might’ve guessed. They’re used both for judging challengers/ handing out badges and for training up teams to take on the League. Again, I’ll go into that more later ;^)

- Some of you caught the hint on page 7, but yes, Anthea did kill the previous champions.