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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:20 AM

WHEW. it's been a challenge trying to get this one out due to irl nonsense, but here's the final page of the """lumiose arc.""" hope yall enjoy!

Artist Notes:
- ivysaur has officially joined the team!
- and we also get a real meeting with the champion ;y the champion position is very political, as are gym leader positions, and since gym leaders have their own agendas and provincial loyalties, there is often tension between new champions and gym leaders (hedy is the only one with the personal grudge, though! the other gym leaders may dislike anthea for other reasons)
- ulrich of course doesn't think much of anthea for obvious reasons :y

Edie Rosales
SPECIES: Ivysaur
ABILITY: Overgrow
AGE: 19
NATURE: Serious, capable of taking hits
BIRTHDAY: December 28