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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:20 AM

so this is going to be the equivalent of "extra comics" for Burn Away. :> this time we're catching up with everyone's favorite rival!

author notes:
- bayani is an escort, which is a professional bodyguard you can hire to protect you while you travel. people who aren't professional battlers or who lack combat training will often use this service (though depending on where you're going, it get be pricey).
- young battlers-to-be can apply for a trainee position at local gyms. gym trainees can go on to do a number of things, such as become official gym staff, be selected as a gym battler on the leader's team, or be assigned to a team to challenge to league as an official representative of said gym.
- so "gym eval" refers to the practical evaluation applicants must do if their written application is accepted (to make sure their magical and physical abilities are acceptable).
- bayani is the XY rival's fletchling haha
- i missed painting natural scenes ; - ;