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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:32 AM

sorry this is a little late, but i hope you enjoy anyway!

Author notes:
- Brody was actually my Route 7 catch, but, like Elaine, i immediately boxed him haha. so i decided to use him for the shabboneau castle npc
- Greta (the skiddo woman in the photo) was a catch as well! got her on route 5... but then immediately lost her to a crit acid from an oddish lmao. she is technically my first death of the game but i didn't feel the need to include her as a real character bc she was in my team for about 5 minutes haha. i thought having her already passed away would be a nice way of keeping that in the comic without derailing the story.
- ulrich is a former league battler so it's only fitting he has a former team right? we'll learn more about that later (probably) but i'll go ahead and give you their species for convenience! they are: noivern, pawniard, bergmite, & trevenant.
-city and interior backgrounds continue to be the bane of my existence

Brody Shabboneau
SPECIES: Volbeat
AGE: 43
NATURE: Brave, likes to relax

Greta Shabboneau
ABILITY: Sap Sipper
AGE: 87 (deceased)
NATURE: Mild, often lost in thought