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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:40 AM

hey yall,,, long time no update huh. ( ' v ' ;; ) sorry about the wait - holidays and irl stuff really got me, but i'm very happy to finally get this page out!

Artist Notes:
- Abella has her new floette look! her physical appearance didn't change much (flabebe and floette gijinka are known for being fairly similar), but she did grow a couple more inches haha (she's a towering 6'7 now)
- the nurse at the beginning is Vella and she was my catch for Connecting Cave! (zubat). like Brody, i boxed her immediately and never used her haha.
- the receptionist at the start of Glittering Cave (the waving guy) is also one of my catches! Rex (machop) was my encounter for Glittering Cave and i boxed him as well.

Vella Suchet
ABILITY: inner focus
AGE: 37
NATURE: Hasty, proud of her power

Rex Levett
ABILITY: no guard
AGE: 27
NATURE: Bashful, mischievous