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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:41 AM

ssssssssorry for the wait, but we're finally rolling into chapter 3!! ( ` w ` ;; )

Author Notes:
- a little bit about kalosian funerals: in a kalosian funeral typically the deceased is wrapped in a burial shroud (often embroidered or otherwise marked with imagery of yveltal) and set alight on the pyre surrounded by friends and family/their community and during the burning people will add items to the pyre like flowers, clothes, trinkets, etc. especially personal items relating to the deceased. it’s done as a way to symbolically “let go of them” and “send them off to the afterlife with a wealth of things”
- some cameos in the crowd: a few of ulrich's old team and his mother
- i'm experimenting with a new style of drawing eyes! ;w; so far i really like the effect of colored eyes over black ones so i'll likely being doing it this way moving forward with future pages

new boyyyyyyyyyy who i can finally give stats for

Rho Xante
ABILITY: Contrary
AGE: 10
NATURE: Brave, somewhat of a clown