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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:41 AM

it was a busy month, but im happy to get this out before august! ;w;

Author Notes:
- bayani (from interlude 1) also evolved! and talia's picked up another teammate you might remember (who had seen where roman and the gang were headed) :>
- talia's had a birthday since we last saw her! which makes her 17!
-as many of you may have guessed, cousteau is the fossil i picked up in glittering cave and revived in ambrette
- i really had to speedrun this page to get it out in time, so i hope yall dont mind the messy backgrounds and such! ( ' v ' ;; )

and since he's officially joined the squad, here are garbage man's stats

Cousteau Blanc
SPECIES: amaura
ABILITY: refrigerate
AGE: 29
NATURE: mild, scatters things often
BIRTHDAY: February 10