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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:47 AM

h-hey guys,,,, ;v; life really kicked my ass recently, but here's a very very late page!

Author Notes:
- Cyllage City is the second largest city in Kalos and sometimes called "The Lumiose of the West" because of that. It's the metropolitan center of West Province.
- Inside the Cyllage Gym, you may see 2 portraits on the wall in the background: these depict the previous 2 gym leaders (a barbaracle gijinka and a probopass gijinka).
- Although not explicitly mentioned, you have to be 15+ to join a league team and 18+ to be a team leader.
- The full Class system is: A - regular battlers, B - team leaders, C - gym staff and students, D - gym team members, E - gym leaders, F - champion team members, G - champion