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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:57 AM

hello!! we aren't into chapter 4 technically, but i hope yall enjoy another interlude between chapters! :> thanks so much for sticking with me!!

artist notes:
- The location here is the Kalos Capitol Building, which functions as both an HQ for the League as well as the regional government. The league is technically separate from the actual Kalosian government (with the exception of the Champion, who sits on the governing council).
- The League has few regulations, but one of them is the prohibition of battles between gyms leaders and between a gym leader and the champion. Normally, the punishment for such an act would be the gym leader being removed from their position and a new one instated by the champion. Hedy has avoided this by resigning beforehand - allowing her successor to remain.
- Because Hedy aimed to keep her gym battles non-lethal, she's rarely used her more powerful moves, but she does know more than infestation and tackle, haha.
- The moves Hedy uses here are referenced from Gym Leader Viola's team when you use a Red Writ of Challenge in the battle chateau
- You might have noticed a small style change! This is the first page I've sketched 100% after my hiatus and decided to move towards a style with slightly more realistic proportions and such. hope yall like it! :>