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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 12:00 AM

o-one last update before 2020!! we're finally into chapter 4 and im very very excited. :>

artist notes:
- vega evolved! and is the new santalune gym leader! i've gotten quite a few requests for her masquerain design over the years, so i'm happy to finally reveal this o|-<
- while non-kalosians can join teams and participate in the kalos league, they cannot be team leaders, and therefore can't challenge the league on their own
- (hedy voice) stop telling everyone i'm dead
- kazz and mirelle are both catches! kazz from route 9, mirelle from route 11!

Kazz Guinto
SPECIES: hippopotas
ABILITY: sand stream
AGE: 36
NATURE: lax, quick-tempered
BIRTHDAY: January 3

Mirelle Sumaya
SPECIES: staravia
ABILITY: intimidate
AGE: 25
NATURE: bold, likes to fight
BIRTHDAY: august 17