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snooze on 24th Apr 2020, 9:04 AM

//backflips// sorry for the long wait!! this page was something of a monster, but i actually ended up being p happy with it ( ' v ' )b finally we're winding up for the first gym battle!!

Author notes:
- I've returned to mostly painted backgrounds after finally getting used to clip studio paint's brushes and stuff!
- I've also changed up how I do speech bubbles, since I realized that lineless ones were sorta tricky with light backgrounds u_u
- Sasha mentions visiting Santalune with his family. They actually regularly traveled there, which is why Sasha knows Santalune Forest so well.
- Kalosian coins (like the ones in Sasha's hands) have an image of a pyroar with 4 distinct tufts to its mane (probably not that clear in the comic page), which is a symbol of the region. The pyroar is a common symbol of royalty and the four mane sections represent Kalos's 4 provinces.
- The Santalune gym has volcanion sculptures the entire length around it, something unique to this gym since Volcanion is worshiped exclusively in South Province.
- 7 of the 8 gym badges are shown as reliefs on the sides (and front) of the gym. The only one missing is Lumiose's badge.

aaaaand a new character bio for the Bird Man:

Ulrich Kucu
SPECIES: Farfetch'd
ABILITY: Inner Focus
AGE: 45
NATURE: Jolly, proud of his power