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snooze on 26th Apr 2020, 8:38 PM

i've been meaning to draw up a new cover for the nuz, and with the first chapter finished, i figured now was the perfect time to. ( ' v ' )/


– if a pokemon faints, it is dead and must be perma-boxed.

– you may only catch the first pokemon encountered in each area.
- forced encounters (Route 2 pidgey, Snorlax, etc.) don’t count and cannot be caught.
- duplicate pokemon must not be caught. in any given area the player has 3 chances to find a non-duplicate to catch.
- all rules may be ignored if a shiny is encountered.

– healing items can not be used during battle. (held items, however, are fine).

– the exp share must be turned off at all times.

– legendary pokemon can not be used.

– mega evolution can not be used.

– whiting out means game over.

– if your starter faints it’s game over.